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Customer Care

Every effort is taken to serve those who have placed their trust in us. If there is something that you are not completely satisfied with or require clarity about, then simply send us a message and we will prioritise your request and ensure that every effort is made to meet your expectations. 

If a product does not meet its stated purpose, we will refund it. If there is feedback you have on any product, we would gladly accept it. We make every effort on quality. Every item is quality checked before it departs our factory.

Privacy & Safety

You information is secured through the use of the most stringent banking third parties, namely Stripe and PayPal. These are trusted third parties and are adopted as part of the trusted digital banking domain. This means that no information is saved to our site, rather it is collected through Stripe and PayPal. Further, when you become a member, your information is secured. Our site is protected through DSS encryption, which means no one can see any personal details.  

Wholesale Inquiries

For wholesale or Government inquiries, you are invited to use the contacts below to acquire further information. We have ample capacity to generate millions of items per week.

Direct Mobile Contact 

0407 480 097          0414 310 479

Email for all contacts:

Secondary Email:

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments